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So yesterday we looked back at the day we decided we needed a group excursion to the Pillar of Autumn in Halo: Reach. Now, you need to understand that when we venture into campaign, we are almost always a team on a mission. Apparently we had a lot of fun in this one because there’s lots of pictures so this’ll be a two part entry with the rest to follow tomorrow. :)

What could we possibly want to accomplish in PoA? There’s only one right answer for PoA.


This one and the next are little dark but blame the level lighting for that. One of the things you’ll quickly learn about TFF is that we have a thing for forklifts. (And yes, the fact that you can’t drive them in H4 makes us very, very sad pandas.) Whenever we came across them in campaign, it’s not a question of if we’ll use them but who gets to them first. In this case, looks like Mango and Cheese won this round. Jokes on them – they get to drive K5 and snickerdoodle around!


They see me rollin', they hatin'.
They see me rollin’, they hatin’.

Yep, still rollin’. And you know Emile’s hatin’ since we made his ass walk.

What’s better than a forklift? Trick question – nothing is better. But a taco truck comes close.

Taco Truck
Cheese and Mango get all the good spots!


Hey, a roof beats walking I guess. Those of you that have played this level know that there’s a gap that needs to be crossed where the bridge is gone. But…surely we don’t mean…?

TFF Convoy
TFF Convoy. Yes, we have three trucks. Problem?

Oh but we do. And we did. And there’s Emile, still trying to catch up. Poor guy hasn’t gotten the memo that the trucks beat the ‘goose. Tsk tsk.

Carpooling is energy efficient!
Carpooling is energy efficient!

Yeah! Go us! We’re all saving the environment and stuffs by carpooling to save on gas mileage! I mean, it’s not like the planet gets glassed or anything.

Oh wait.

Eh, who are we kidding? Here’s the real reason we only have two trucks left.

Slight situation guys...
Guys look! Your truck is on fire! 

Turns out if you let Ka Five ride on top of your truck long enough, he’ll punch it until it catches fire. Look at the look of terror on the faces of Mango and Cheese. Can you blame them though? Who punches their friend’s rides?

Maybe the better question is why didn’t Mango and Cheese expect that? It’s like they don’t even know our team sometimes…

The Halo community is funny sometimes. That last picture was titled, “Hey guys? I see smoke…” and not only did it wind up in the top 10 most downloaded one week last year, it also got some pretty amusing tags:

  • easy bro
  • i see dead ppl
  • i see ducks
  • i see fire
  • i see mexicans
  • i see try hards
  • i see walmart
  • armor hax
  • b0wn3rz
  • guys hello guys
  • howisthismostdownloaded
  • i see feet
  • i see selftag
  • i see u when ur sleepin
  • im stoned
  • lolwut
  • so u already dead
  • they like fire

It’s okay. We don’t get it either. What can we say? People are weird. And that comes from us. 😉

We’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the Pillar of Autumn.


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