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We Have Fans!

Today is one for the calendar kids – we found fans in MM…And they even left us mail! Now, I’m not sure which of

Apparently when you thoroughly embarrass blacknightt71, Shivers103, and Notorious T I M, they get pissy. (Pity their poor Dutch random. :( )


Classy folks
Classy folks

Please, by all means. Let’s see your websites. Oh and I so hope you are using a touchscreen.

Here, hold this for me.
Hold this for me.

Mango fished (ie threw the ball at the opponent so he caught it automatically then stabbed him and took it back) and they raged.

Then blacknightt71 and Notorious T I M sent Cheese mail about not trying hard enough so he pointed out that there was no “trying” involved, only doing. (I mean, did you see the scores?) And then directed them to our little corner of the internet as proof that we don’t take ourselves seriously.

But wait. The best part?

They’re in a clan. Yup. We are the losers who need lives and to go outside because we beat them in a grifball game but they’re the ones in a clan.

Go home kids, you’re drunk.

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