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Mango’s Road To a Flood 50

Lets be honest, there are only three 50s that matter in Halo 4. Grifball, Action Sack and Flood. Seeing as I’m the only member of TFF who likes Flood, I guess it’s my duty to earn it for the team. So this is where my journey began. It was a dark and stormy night with the wind howling and the branches scratching at my window…no, wait, that’s a different story. Nevermind.  My journey began early in the evening on the 8th of April 2013, just one day ago; but soon I feel it may be over. As of this post I’m at CSR 38, and if the game doesn’t bend me over and put me in pink handcuffs (like what happens to Ka Five on Friday nights) I should hopefully be a 50 by the end of the day. And my Spartan shall be set ablaze knowing that he accomplished one of the most legit achievements of all time. The Flood 50.


I shall update this post with my progress every 10 games.

And so it begins
And so it begins…kind of.


Update 1: CSR 40 Achieved

Flood 40


Update 2: Played a lot of grifball yesterday. Still at rank 41 in Flood.


Update 3: Dropped back down to a 40 after a few 2nd and 3rd places…also fuck Germanicus, I blame him.


Update 4: Finally reached rank 43. Game does NOT want me to make a 44 though. Stupid game… and Germanicus…

Update 5: Hit 44 Bitches!

Flood 44


Update 6: Just hit 45!

Flood 45

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