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Trolling. There’s a love/hate relationship at play here. We hate being trolled but damn do we love being the trolls. Bonus points for trolling each other. (Incidentally, this is also the reason we hope Halo never, ever implements a “vote to kick” system into matchmaking Γ Β la L4D style. Fuck the game, vote to kick each other the entire time – last one left wins!)

Ka Five has been known to troll across multiple games. What’s that? Your team got beat several times in a row in Halo and you rage quit to Gears of War? Hang on, let me switch to my GoD version of GOW and sit in your lobby and not choose a team (so you can’t kick me or start the game!) and annoy the shit out of you for leaving us.

Cheese likes the phone feature in GTA IV. Some guy ran him over for no reason one time so he spent the next 30 minutes relentlessly calling the guy. Over. And over. And over. If the guy answered, Cheese would hang up and call back. If he didn’t, Cheese would call back anyways.

Mango likes to troll Ka Five in every Minecraft world they are in together. Oh is that your bed there? Sweet. Let me make my room above yours with a glass floor so I can just stare at you and watch you sleep. Or the time Mango dug up to Ka Five’s room, left a long window, put up iron bars, and changed into a prisoner skin and stared at him. Drinking milk.

(Protip – ALWAYS drink milk around Ka Five. It’s his favorite. No really, it is.)

No surprise that my personal favorite happens to involve me, right? Instead of writing about it, I shall leave you with a twitter conversation. Yes it’s long but totally worth it. #inb4someonesaysTWSS




















And the best part…She’s the troll that keeps on trolling.


And today, Ka Five got what is possibly the greatest XBL message ever.

Jersey Shore


It’s okay, he gave her Mango’s phone number instead. πŸ˜‰

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