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Some GTA Fun

TFF plays some GTA Online

Cheese, in a nutshell.

Cheese in GTA


And then Ka Five’s casual statement:

“There’s so many dudes outside my dumpster!” ~Ka Five


No words

We played GTA. Mango flew the Titan. This happened.

wtf Mango.

A Night of Halo 3 With Team Food Fight

Mango: “Let’s play Halo 3!”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Ok”

*Everyone loads H3*




Mango: “Alright I’m done.”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Yeah we’re done too.”



Happy Halo-ween!

From Halo Waypoint for Halloween:


Let’s face it – a 50 in Punkins is probably up there with the other legitimate playlists, if not even more valuable since it’s only around for two days.

Challenge: #GetSamPunkin50 accepted.

Punkin 50

Yup. Punkity get!


TFF Montage!

No fancy preamble or anything. Just a warning –  this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so be nice. I know it’s not stellar but for learning as I went, I’m proud of myself. Enjoy the fun. :)


Quotes From Tonight

Just a few gems from our foray into Halo: Reach from tonight. Why? #YOLO. (Come on, that should have been obvious.)

Ka Five: “Oh fuck my face!”
Mango: “You have made me an offer I cannot refuse.”

Cheese: “He’s getting….*pause* crap. He’s getting jacked hard. DON’T SAY IT I KNOW!”

Ka Five: “Lady……..Anel.”
Sam: “…….WHAAAAAT.”
Ka Five: “….Huh? What? No no no! THE GAMERTAG!”
(Yes, that was really a GT.)


Cheese’s Rules

Little known fact: Cheese and I go way back. We’ve been battle buddies for about 4 years now. Yes, we even got to play some Halo 2 together before the servers were shut down. We’ve played together for so long that we’ve got that familiar groove of knowing what we’re each going to do in Halo matches. I’ve also been known to juggle snipers across the map on Valhalla in Halo 3 for Cheese so he can have more ammo. (Also because you don’t want me sniping. Like, ever. Seriously. Worst. Idea. Ever. Up there with starting a land war in Asia.)

You know you want to know more.


A Story About Cheese

Once upon a time, I thought Cheese was black. Unfortunately he is not. I know, I know I was shocked too when I found out. But sometimes even though I know the truth, when he tells stories (like he often does when he gets off work) I still like to imagine him as a medium – sized, southern black man smoking his cigarette by the fire. And thanks to the video below, I now have a perfect image to reference from. This man Charles Ramsey, to me, is now the person I will see when I hear Cheese talk. And I’m OK with this.

Everyone, meet Fl00rcheese.