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A Story About Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle aka Sam, is a character. A fun character. But not the fun in the family friendly kind of way. No. Not that kind.

I’ve met Sam in person 3 times and I think I’ve been given the bird by her more times in that 2 week time span than by anyone else in my entire life combined. But that’s ok, she can get away with it.

Because it’s her birthday. It’s ALWAYS her birthday, whether she likes it or not. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!

Online she’s the one that always betrays you, but at least she mixes it up a bit. One time it’s going to be with a rocket launcher, next it’ll be a gravity hammer and if you’re really lucky you’ll get splattered by a mongoose soaring majestically through the sky before finally hitting you square in the visor. But it’s all in good fun.

So yeah, that’s it. I’ll leave you with this video though.

Ok, you home now.


Shout out to Dj Dyps


Merry Christmas to you too!


Mango’s Corner… This Week In Quotes 11/24/13

Fact: I play a lot of video games. Fact: I used to live on the internet and my Xbox (until I got a real job and actually had to go outside). So it’s no surprise that while playing these I hear a lot of phrases that would be considered strange (normal for me) to the general public. And because I feel like it’s my obligation to put the rest of the world’s mind in the gutter like mine is, I decided to make this. Mango’s Corner. Because #YOLO right?










A Night of Halo 3 With Team Food Fight

Mango: “Let’s play Halo 3!”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Ok”

*Everyone loads H3*




Mango: “Alright I’m done.”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Yeah we’re done too.”



Happy Halo-ween!

From Halo Waypoint for Halloween:


Let’s face it – a 50 in Punkins is probably up there with the other legitimate playlists, if not even more valuable since it’s only around for two days.

Challenge: #GetSamPunkin50 accepted.

Punkin 50

Yup. Punkity get!


TFF Montage!

No fancy preamble or anything. Just a warning –  this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so be nice. I know it’s not stellar but for learning as I went, I’m proud of myself. Enjoy the fun. :)


Quotes From Tonight

Just a few gems from our foray into Halo: Reach from tonight. Why? #YOLO. (Come on, that should have been obvious.)

Ka Five: “Oh fuck my face!”
Mango: “You have made me an offer I cannot refuse.”

Cheese: “He’s getting….*pause* crap. He’s getting jacked hard. DON’T SAY IT I KNOW!”

Ka Five: “Lady……..Anel.”
Sam: “…….WHAAAAAT.”
Ka Five: “….Huh? What? No no no! THE GAMERTAG!”
(Yes, that was really a GT.)


And then, there’s this guy.

Throughout my XBL career, my experience with fan mail has been less than optimal. And then there are days like today where I’m surprised and reminded that not ALL the people on XBL are utter douchebags.


So cheers to you Mr DSB TORIZZLE for not being an assclown to me tonight. <3


Same Shit, Different Day

Because after *you* rage quit the game, this is clearly the appropriate course of action.


Stay classy


GG douchebag, gg. #staymad


Mango’s Road to Flood 50