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Mango’s Corner: The Most Literal Title Ever

So one day in GTA V, I decided to hang out at Dragon’s apartment. All was fine and fun was being had. Until I found a clone of myself that is. Yes, that’s right, a clone of me. Because if there’s anything the world needs more of, it’s me.

After the sudden realization of all the things that we could do with my clone things got a little…heated. All of a sudden, my clone and I were in Dragon’s bedroom getting ruff. The type of ruff that you thought was ridiculous, but your curiosity had always wondered what it’d really be like (Ka Five knows what I’m talking about). And then showers were taken. At the end of the day, it was a fun time hanging out with myself. Granted, I don’t think he felt the same way…

The end result. Fun times were had by all.

Mango’s Corner… This Week In Quotes 11/24/13

Fact: I play a lot of video games. Fact: I used to live on the internet and my Xbox (until I got a real job and actually had to go outside). So it’s no surprise that while playing these I hear a lot of phrases that would be considered strange (normal for me) to the general public. And because I feel like it’s my obligation to put the rest of the world’s mind in the gutter like mine is, I decided to make this. Mango’s Corner. Because #YOLO right?










Some GTA Fun

TFF plays some GTA Online

Cheese, in a nutshell.

Cheese in GTA


And then Ka Five’s casual statement:

“There’s so many dudes outside my dumpster!” ~Ka Five


Welcome To Mango’s Corner

Hola y Bienvenidos to Mango’s Corner! This is where I’ll post the best quotes that I hear on Xbox Live!

To start off the awesomeness I present to you Psych0Gizmo and General Bourbon.


A Night of Halo 3 With Team Food Fight

Mango: “Let’s play Halo 3!”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Ok”

*Everyone loads H3*




Mango: “Alright I’m done.”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Yeah we’re done too.”