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A Night of Halo 3 With Team Food Fight

Mango: “Let’s play Halo 3!”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Ok”

*Everyone loads H3*




Mango: “Alright I’m done.”

Cheese/Snickerdoodle: “Yeah we’re done too.”



Happy Halo-ween!

From Halo Waypoint for Halloween:


Let’s face it – a 50 in Punkins is probably up there with the other legitimate playlists, if not even more valuable since it’s only around for two days.

Challenge: #GetSamPunkin50 accepted.

Punkin 50

Yup. Punkity get!


TFF Montage!

No fancy preamble or anything. Just a warning –  this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so be nice. I know it’s not stellar but for learning as I went, I’m proud of myself. Enjoy the fun. :)


Quotes From Tonight

Just a few gems from our foray into Halo: Reach from tonight. Why? #YOLO. (Come on, that should have been obvious.)

Ka Five: “Oh fuck my face!”
Mango: “You have made me an offer I cannot refuse.”

Cheese: “He’s getting….*pause* crap. He’s getting jacked hard. DON’T SAY IT I KNOW!”

Ka Five: “Lady……..Anel.”
Sam: “…….WHAAAAAT.”
Ka Five: “….Huh? What? No no no! THE GAMERTAG!”
(Yes, that was really a GT.)


And then, there’s this guy.

Throughout my XBL career, my experience with fan mail has been less than optimal. And then there are days like today where I’m surprised and reminded that not ALL the people on XBL are utter douchebags.


So cheers to you Mr DSB TORIZZLE for not being an assclown to me tonight. <3


Same Shit, Different Day

Because after *you* rage quit the game, this is clearly the appropriate course of action.


Stay classy


GG douchebag, gg. #staymad


Mango’s Road to Flood 50



Indie Games. Or: The bane of Ka Five’s existence.

We’re gamers. We like to play games, it’s what we do. Personally, I’m a Halo-centric FPS kind of girl with a side of platformers or puzzle games. Cheese enjoys open world games like the Elder Scroll games. Mango dabbles in a bit of this, and a bit of that. And somehow manages to be good at it all, even on a shit connection. Jerk.

Then there’s Ka Five. Sure, Paul enjoys himself some Halo, falls asleep to Minecrack Minecraft on a regular basis, and he’s also a fan of other games like older Tom Clancy, Star Wars, etc. Overall a well rounded gamer. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem except for one day, in a fit of boredom, K5 discovered the XBL Indie Games section and has very quickly developed a problem.

Not saying all Indie games are bad, I myself have 7 of them and one of my most frequent go-to and zone out games when I’m having a rough day is an Indie Game. Best 80MSP/$1 I’ve ever spent. But Paul….Paul took it to a whole new level.

99 problems and 35 of ’em are Indie Games


To My Darling Nanadel

So apparently Nanners has sweet bottle. I wonder if I can use it for 290 credits… ~Mango



Cheese, Ka Five…

Try to contain your orgasms.


Also, you’re welcome. ~Mango