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The Team

That's us
That’s us.


He likes trees.
He likes trees



FL00RCHEESE is from Tennessee. AKA “Where men are men and goats are afraid.” His hobbies include sniping, trees, and long walks on the beach. And trees. Just don’t look at him. Or jump. Or try to run away. He doesn’t like that. Oh and apparently we get to play with him forever.





Mango. 'Nuff said.
Get on his level.



 Turning up the heat all the way from Florida is Forsaken Mango. Don’t let the deceptively smooth exterior fool you, he’s full of unexpected bonks and surprises – on and off the court. Challenge him at your own risk. Just don’t blame us when he accepts.




OMG! It's a girl! On XBL!
OMG! It’s a girl! On XBL!



Everyone knows that meals aren’t complete without dessert so all the way from the Tijuana of Europe (aka Naples, Italy) is snickerdoodle. Unlike the cookies, she doesn’t crumble easily under the pressure of insanity. She may be outnumbered but don’t count her out.





Don't touch his splaser.
Don’t touch his splaser.



Upstate New York beware: This guy’s looking to be one of your finest. And if you’ve seen the way Ka Five drives,  just wait until he gets his hands on a cruiser! He’s also the prime suspect in grand theft coconut so watch it – he’s a real badass.

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