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$1000 bucks

Today, Mango spent $1000 to send a mugger after Ka Five.

The haul?

$4. Money well spent.


Quotes From Tonight

Just a few gems from our foray into Halo: Reach from tonight. Why? #YOLO. (Come on, that should have been obvious.)

Ka Five: “Oh fuck my face!”
Mango: “You have made me an offer I cannot refuse.”

Cheese: “He’s getting….*pause* crap. He’s getting jacked hard. DON’T SAY IT I KNOW!”

Ka Five: “Lady……..Anel.”
Sam: “…….WHAAAAAT.”
Ka Five: “….Huh? What? No no no! THE GAMERTAG!”
(Yes, that was really a GT.)


Cheese, Ka Five…

Try to contain your orgasms.


Also, you’re welcome. ~Mango


Mango’s Road To a Flood 50

Lets be honest, there are only three 50s that matter in Halo 4. Grifball, Action Sack and Flood. Seeing as I’m the only member of TFF who likes Flood, I guess it’s my duty to earn it for the team. So this is where my journey began. It was a dark and stormy night with the wind howling and the branches scratching at my window…no, wait, that’s a different story. Nevermind.  My journey began early in the evening on the 8th of April 2013, just one day ago; but soon I feel it may be over. As of this post I’m at CSR 38, and if the game doesn’t bend me over and put me in pink handcuffs (like what happens to Ka Five on Friday nights) I should hopefully be a 50 by the end of the day. And my Spartan shall be set ablaze knowing that he accomplished one of the most legit achievements of all time. The Flood 50.


I shall update this post with my progress every 10 games.

And so it begins
And so it begins…kind of.


Update 1: CSR 40 Achieved

Flood 40


Update 2: Played a lot of grifball yesterday. Still at rank 41 in Flood.


Update 3: Dropped back down to a 40 after a few 2nd and 3rd places…also fuck Germanicus, I blame him.


Update 4: Finally reached rank 43. Game does NOT want me to make a 44 though. Stupid game… and Germanicus…

Update 5: Hit 44 Bitches!

Flood 44


Update 6: Just hit 45!

Flood 45


Fan Follow Up

In what I can only assume is in response to this, I found this in my XBL inbox earlier today:

Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one...
Hmm, not sure how I feel about this one…

So sweet…Too bad I’m not really convinced.



So yesterday we looked back at the day we decided we needed a group excursion to the Pillar of Autumn in Halo: Reach. Now, you need to understand that when we venture into campaign, we are almost always a team on a mission. Apparently we had a lot of fun in this one because there’s lots of pictures so this’ll be a two part entry with the rest to follow tomorrow. :)

What could we possibly want to accomplish in PoA? There’s only one right answer for PoA.

All the vehicles to drive!


Looking Back

Today in Team Food Fight history:

The team comes together for an epic run through Halo: Reach’s The Pillar of AutumnOr most of it anyways.

(Courtesy of Mango)


Trees Aren’t Just for Cheese

This seems as good a place to start as any. If you’ve read about us, you will have noticed that Cheese likes trees. This is a fact. If you don’t see him on the ground creeping around somewhere, look for the long barrel poking out of foliage somewhere. And heaven help you if he finds you in his treehouse.

That said, we wanted to show our buddy that we could play the tree game just as well as he could so, we moved in.



Just FYI

These first few posts will be slightly random and in no particular order as we comb through histories/file shares from both Halo: Reach and Halo 3.

That said, sit back and enjoy the ride! And remember – we never said we were good. We’re just good at having fun. 😉


Who is TFF and why are we a thing?

Welcome to the new and improved official home of Team Food Fight. This is where we’ll be chronicling our antics through Halo (and maybe other games eventually) as we think of all the worst ideas ever and shoot to make them reality.

Why Team Food Fight? And who all is on the team?

Our team is comprised of four very different and unique individuals:

  • snickerdoodle
  • Forsaken Mango
  • Ka Five

We’ve been playing Halo together for a while now and one day, as we partied up, someone joked about us being TFF and the name stuck.

But Ka Five isn’t a food name like the rest!

We know. And attempts to coerce him to change his GT to Kiwi Assault have thus fair failed. That said, his gamertag originates from an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger force so we figure it’s close enough for government work and gave him a free pass. This time. 😉

We’re all very different people with different personalities but when we put in our Halo discs with the intent to have some fun, crazy things happen. We strive for shenanigans and have a pretty good track record for that if we do say so ourselves. At the very least, even if it’s a colossal failure we usually laughed (and cursed) a lot along the way.

No promises that what you’ll see is good but it’ll likely be random and will have amused us greatly. But we hope you stick around and enjoy and at the very least get a giggle or two out of the media we share with you. Because, you know….YOLO.