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A Story About Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle aka Sam, is a character. A fun character. But not the fun in the family friendly kind of way. No. Not that kind.

I’ve met Sam in person 3 times and I think I’ve been given the bird by her more times in that 2 week time span than by anyone else in my entire life combined. But that’s ok, she can get away with it.

Because it’s her birthday. It’s ALWAYS her birthday, whether she likes it or not. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!

Online she’s the one that always betrays you, but at least she mixes it up a bit. One time it’s going to be with a rocket launcher, next it’ll be a gravity hammer and if you’re really lucky you’ll get splattered by a mongoose soaring majestically through the sky before finally hitting you square in the visor. But it’s all in good fun.

So yeah, that’s it. I’ll leave you with this video though.

Ok, you home now.


TFF Montage!

No fancy preamble or anything. Just a warning –  this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this so be nice. I know it’s not stellar but for learning as I went, I’m proud of myself. Enjoy the fun. :)


What Happens at RTX….

…definitely doesn’t STAY at RTX. Because that would be depriving the world of the knowledge that Green Army is full of people that can’t keep their hands to themselves (Yes, that includes Junior as well.) and of things like this. Definitely the hottest thing that came out of RTX 2013. And yes, that is our hero on the receiving end. <3

Video courtesy of @SonicChaos1993. Shoutout to him for having the second best seat in the house for the festivities.


Taking One For The Team

Honor. Dedication. Courage. Passion. Problem Solving.

These are the qualities that Team Food Fight holds to the highest regard.

With this in mind, Ka Five and I would like to salute this man.

We don’t know his name, we don’t know his life story, we don’t even know how he got put in this situation.

What we do know…What we DO know. Is that this man, this wonderful man had one job. ONE JOB. And he got the job done.


He was the best of us. And he shall not be forgotten.

A Story About Ka Five

What could I possibly say about Ka Five…oh wait! I know.

‘Nuff said.


Oh, and he really likes pink handcuffs and 8ft bullwhips…If you know what I mean. *wink*


A Story About Cheese

Once upon a time, I thought Cheese was black. Unfortunately he is not. I know, I know I was shocked too when I found out. But sometimes even though I know the truth, when he tells stories (like he often does when he gets off work) I still like to imagine him as a medium – sized, southern black man smoking his cigarette by the fire. And thanks to the video below, I now have a perfect image to reference from. This man Charles Ramsey, to me, is now the person I will see when I hear Cheese talk. And I’m OK with this.

Everyone, meet Fl00rcheese.




Team Food Fight Safari

Today in Team Food Fight history:

The team decides they need to go on safari they only way the know how. The Carter Cart, full of battle ready Spartans.

Remember – keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride!